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Note: Author is neither a religious believer nor a nationalist. He is a performance measurement expert. USCIRF measures performance of all countries in religious freedom field and ranks egregious violators. After analyzing USCIRF reports, Author came to the conclusion that USCIRF performance ranking system is humbug. USCIRF does not follow the fundamentals of performance measurement like create a baseline, consistently measure all countries against baseline,& publish scorecard with data.

List of Articles unmasking Religous Freedom

  1. What is USCIRF Hiding: Religious Un-Liberty, Sex Scandal & Con game?
  2.  Huffpost: USCIRF Issues Annual Report With a Peculiar Omission   (Keywords: europe, anti-semitism) 
  3. American Civil Liberties Union:A Look at the USCIRF(Keyword:bias)
  4. How the USIRF protected child abuse by a christian pastor in India
  5. University of Southern CA:IRF Battles Heat Up(Keywords:partisan, reform) 
  6. Surpassing Goebbels: US uses fiction to Slam India (Keywords: Fiction, Surpassing Nazi Goebbels)
  7. "Ground Zero Mosque" Foes Bankrolled by Feds (USCIRF)
  8. USCIRF 2015 report cobbled by Spin Doctors (Keywords: spin doctors)   
  9. USCIRF chair unironically endorses Ted Cruz
  10. Analysis of USCIRF 2014 India Report (Keywords: Concoct Lies, Anti-Buddhism, Whitewash terrorism)  
  11. Americans United for Separation of Church & State: Govt. Support For Religious Intolerance
  12. USCIRF unfairly criticizing Modi govt  
  13. Fmr. USCIRF C'ommr Richard Land and “Full-Blown Paganism”
  14. US panel proved wrong, communal incidents actually dipped in 2014
  15. USCIRF Chair does "Poor Us" about as proficiently as anyone
  16. We don't need religious freedom lectures from the US  
  17. NewCivilRight: Your Govt want to remind you today is Intl Religious Freedom Day  (Keywords:NOM, Manhattan Declaration)
  18. USCIRF hypocrisy: It's about the Protestant worldview,not religious freedom 
  19. American Humanist:Religous Freedom advocacy not for All?
  20. Dousing imagined conflagrations
  21. Muslims need not apply: Disband USCIRF 
  22.  USCIRF & Narendra Modi Visa
  23. USCIRF Hypocrisy: Atheists Unite! (in Turkey, not USA) 
  24. The USCIRF report is soaked in hypocrisy (Keywords:Falsifying History)
  25.  B'glore Initiative for Rel. Dialouge rebutts USCIRF 2010 Karnataka Report
    (Keywords: Baseless Allegations, Whipping up anti-Hindu Hatred)
  26. The Case for Pulling the Plug on USCIRF
  27. Anti-Hindu Bias at U.S. Commission
  28. Frosty Reception for USCIRF in Egypt.
    (Keyword:What if you had a party and no one came?)
  29. UnReal Toon: USCIRF at work
  30. USCIRF faces closed doors in Egypt  
  31. John Boehner Appoints Anti-LGBT Extremist to USCIRF
  32. Religious Freedom: A Hindu Perspective  
  33. USCIRF Monitors World Religious Freedom Except at Home
  34. Hindu American Foundation: USCIRF Testimony Freedom: A Hindu Perspective  
  35. Seth Meyers Eviscerates 'Religious Freedom'
  36. USCIRF India Rpt: Point and Counter-point
  37. Fix the USCIRF or Fuggedaboutit
  38. Christian 'Religious Freedom' Narrative Taken To Its Logical Extreme With Anti-Gay, Anti-Evolution Push
  39. Human Rights and Religious Freedom's 'In' Crowd
  40. USCIRF's Circus Act
  41. Special Report: The Future of U.S. International Religious Freedom Policy
  42. Religious Freedom Commission's Struggles
  43. USCIRF accused of Bias
  44. Religious Liberty: How Are We Doing?  
  45. Wikipedia: Reception of USCIRF report.
  46. Clashing visions threaten the mission of religious penal.
  47. The Conversion War & Religious Freedom
  48. Intl Religious Freedom will embolden ISIS 
  49. USCIRF staff pleads guilty to wire fraud 
  50. USCIRF's Criticism of India: Ill-informed & Prejudiced
  51. Is religious freedom really answer to radicalism?
  52. Focus on the Family Defends Federal Anti-Religious-Freedom Pane
  53. Who the heck is USCIRF?
  54. USCIRF - Our tax dollars at work AGAINST minority groups
  55. USCIRF - There is no end to their impertinence
  56. USCIRF and the Politics of Human Rights
  57. The Politics of Human Rights: Orthodox Christianity Gets the Short End
  58. US Evangelicals and the politics of Religious Freedom in Sudan 
  59. Fmr USCIRF C'ommr: The Devil Is Happy 'The Homosexual Lifestyle' Causes 'Destruction'
  60. Lies, Damned Lies, and "Persecution" of Christians in India
  61. USCIRF Watchdog for Intl. Religious Freedom(Keywords:Fooling the world, Corrupt practise) 
  62. Troubled religious freedom commission gets new director(Keywords:picking priorities based on religious & political bias) 
  63. FOIA Request: NOM’s Robert George, Gay Basher And US Government Official
  64. Inside the USCIRF - The people, the commission and their selective list (Keywords:Conflict of Interest)
  65. Debunking USCIRF 2015 Report 
  66. USCIRF supports jihad against Hindus 
  67. Sins of US Religions Freedom Commission  
  68. USCIRF misses the mark:Misrepresenting Azerbaijan   
  69. USCIRF conducted a bogus hearing in 2002
  70. As US Preaches Religious Freedom Abroad, Critics See Hypocrisy
  71. Uncle Sam may be indirectly funding religious conversion in India 
  72. US Commission on religious freedom is a political entity, report motivated (Keyword:speechless at the untruth)
  73. Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law and America’s Religious Freedom
  74. USCIRF will misuse visa to push "half-truths, hearsay and standalone cases" 
  75. A closer look at the USCIRF(Keywords:Blatant-lies,Bigotry,Anti-Woman,Homophobic,theoconservatism)
  76. USCIRF:An evangelical agenda abroad 
  77. The Arrogance Of The USCIRF 
  78. USCIRF Gets its Comeuppance (Keywords:Duplicity)
  79. USCIRF Visa:What can a few bigots possibly teach India about religious freedom?
  80. The hypocrisy of the USCIRF 
  81. God vs. the Gavel: The Perils of Extreme Religious Liberty
  82. India was right to deny visa to USCIRF 
  83. Christian right's twisted view on religious freedom
  84. USCIRF Report Calls Modi’s India Intolerant: The keyword is Modi 
  85. Obama Appoints a Jesuit to Commission on Religious Freedom
  86. India should form USCIRF style commission(Keywords: phony claims)
  87. Church Leaders in Bermuda Want to Legalize Discrimination Based on ‘Religious Freedom’
  88. USCIRF report hypocritical, Modi govt should treat it as a joke (Keywords:appease evangelical bigots) 
  89. FRC’s Religious Freedom Expert would Force Raped Woman to Give Birth to Rapist’s Child 
  90. The USCIRF and its Hindu bashing
  91. Why is India rejecting USCIRF?
  92. Why India was right in rejecting US body's biased report on communal violence
  93. Selective Outrage over Violence 
  94. Appointment Of New Chairman To The USCIRF Showcases Its Double Standards
  95. Christianity Today:The USCIRF Is Only Cursing the Darkness
  96. Gov Gary Johnson: 'Religious freedom, as a category' is 'a black hole'  
  97. Huffpost: Religious Freedom Claims Are A Fraud
  98. 'Religious Freedom' Group Can't Quite Decide If After-School Satan Clubs Have a Right to Exist
  99. USCIRF is an abomination to the principle and founding of the great republic called The United States of America
  100. The GOP’s Anti-LGBT, Anti-Women ‘Religious Freedom’ Law on Steroids
  101. Congress Has Passed a Bill Protecting Atheists, Animal Slaughter, and Male Circumcision
  102. US Religious Freedom Commission Outsources Its Credibility with Attack on Hinduism and India
  103. USCIRF claims that India failed its minorities, but our investigation found something else
  104. US Religious Freedom Commission Report: A Case Built To Peddle Hinduphobia
  105. USCIRF Commissioner accuses USCIRF of whitewashing & discriminating against Israeli minorities  
  106. USCIRF Is 'Delusional' for Not Including Iraq on List of Religious Freedom Violators
  107. USCIRF continues association with Terrorist Sympathizer
  108. Bias in bias out:USCIRF c'ommr confesses that annual reporting process is broken 

1 comment:

  1. It is unfortunate. USCIRF is a by-product of hate politics of Abrahamic Christian faction. Christians are clever haters while Jihadis Islamists are stupid volatile goons still basking in desert of Cannan. Christies use these volatile Mohammadis to advance their racist aka communal agendas against Hindus those are d only soft targets. Rest of most religion followers are well organised. Hence this USCIRF became their backdoor intellectual strategy to destroy Hinduism. USCIRF's only target are one billion strong Hindus. Muslims are too cunning competing force as their siblings who are themselves converting force. Religious conversions are inhuman, immoral, unethical, biased and irrational. Then UN should scrap her Human Rights shop. Let some humans be greater than others. Then there shall not be any problem to advance religious conversions rampantly. This is the mindset of so called "ADVANCED PEOPLE" of this globe???


“The USCIRF is only cursing the darkness...that which was conceived in error and delivered in chaos has now been consigned to irrelevancy. Unless the Commission finds some candles soon, Congress ought to turn out the lights.”
Robert Seiple (First ever U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom)

“Religious freedom, as a category, is a black hole...under the guise of religious freedom, anybody can do anything. Back to Mormonism. Why shouldn’t somebody be able to shoot somebody else because their freedom of religion says that God has spoken to them and that they can shoot somebody dead."
Gov Gary Johnson (Libertarian party candidate)

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/438614/gary-johnson-freedom-religion-could-be-used-justify-murder


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